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What is the BOVEM TrimSafe™ Blade?

Grooming the pubic area is challenging and definitely a horror story to many. In fact, according to Men’s Journal, about 26% of men have been hurt while shaving “down there”. That’s at least one of you in your friend group. Probably the one that has their scissors and razor hidden in the corner of their bathroom. No shade.

Balloon razor bursting

While there are many ways to prevent such mishaps from happening, we would like to share with you the safest and most cost-effective way to do so – BOVEM TrimSafe™ blade.

If you’ve followed BOVEM for a while, you’ll notice that aside from “balls”, “TrimSafe” is the second most popular term. That’s because, they took the solution to one of men’s biggest fears (other than cockroaches) – cutting their sack while shaving – and turned it into a ceramic, replaceable blade which we know today as the TrimSafe™ blade.

Protect your boys with TrimSafe™ Blades

The TrimSafe™ blades have changed and reinvented the way men groom below the waist. While the world was convinced that multi-blade razors were the peak of shaving, BOVEM decided to look into alternate ways to reduce nicks and cuts on the skin. That’s how the TrimSafe™ blades were birthed.

BOVEM TrimSafe Blade Waterproof

They swapped the traditional metal blades for ceramic ones for a smoother and faster cut. The blades were also paired with a high RPM motor in the Globe™ Trimmer so that it can take down thick and coarse hair with ease. This new design allowed for a closer but safer shave on the surface of your skin, reducing cuts on your golden globes.

Putting the TrimSafe™ blades to good use

While the TrimSafe™ blades are designed with safety and user in mind, it should still be used with care and caution. Trimming carelessly can still lead to cuts. So, here are some helpful tips for your TrimSafe™ blades. You can also read this other informative article on how to achieve the best shave down there.

1. Change your TrimSafe™ blades every 3-4months 

Just like our lives, the blades can get dull too. It is important that we keep it fresh and sharp to ensure the optimal shave every single time. Dull blades can reduce the effectiveness of the shave and result in cuts on your skin.

2. Clean the teeth of the blades before use

Use the brush provided to clean off excess hair that may be stuck in the TrimSafe™ blades. You can also snap the blades out to wash off the hair beneath the blade

3. Save yourself the hassle

Do yourself a favour and don't risk shaving with a dull blade. Hop onto BOVEM's TrimSafe™ Refresh Plan and get a fresh TrimSafe™ blade sent to your doorstep every 3 months.

Manscaping Redefined for the modern-day man

BOVEM's grooming tools helps you look, feel and live better. Welcome to a better men's care experience.

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