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Look and feel good
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All products are carefully pieced together and designed with intention and obsession to tailor the suave, modern-day man.

Globe Trimmer with Trimsafe Blade and Trimguard
Below The Waist
For your most prized possessions
safety razor in hand
Grooming Tools
A smooth, clean shave every time

Over 10,000 Happy Balls And Counting


The best thing I ever bought. Gets the job done and I haven't had any problems with it. My boys have never felt so comfortable. Couldn’t imagine a better product.

Ezekiel P.

I felt like I was roaming through Jumanji before when doing the old 5 knuckle shuffle. Now it’s like the grass around the leaning tower of Pisa, Thanks BOVEM!

Jeth D.

Such an awesome tool. It's really worth the price and I know it will last for a long time. It has a great design, great colour and neat appearance. This is my personal care tool and it really exceeds my expectations!

Richard D.

Game changing trimmer. I am enjoying this very much. Using it before each date to keep myself fresh and clean. It's so easy to use, just amazing,

Jim C.