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6 Great Tips for The Best Shave 'Down There'

If you own a Globe™ Trimmer but are uncertain about your first trim, don't worry! These tips will help you achieve exceptional results and ensure a comfortable grooming experience.

1. Always trim with the logo outward

To achieve the best results, always ensure that the blade is parallel to your skin by trimming with the logo of your BOVEM Globe Trimmer facing outward. Showcase your stylish trimmer while grooming.

2. Don’t hold the trimmer perpendicular to your body

Holding the trimmer in a stabbing position, perpendicular to your body, is dangerous and increases the risk of cuts. Prioritise safety by holding it at an appropriate angle.

3. Use short, deliberate strokes

Avoid fast or jerky movements and refrain from forcefully pushing the trimmer into your skin. Opt for slow and steady motions, allowing for precise and gentle trimming.

4. Begin with a cold shower

To tighten the skin, we recommend starting with a cold shower before grooming your intimate area. However, if dry trimming suits you better, our trimmer is suitable for that as well.

5. Take it slow

Your sensitive area requires extra care. Proceed slowly while trimming, and remember to gently pull your skin taut for smoother and safer gliding. Rushing can lead to mishaps.

6. Utilise the trimming guards

Prioritise your safety by using the trimming guards provided with our trimmers. These guards offer two different lengths—3mm and 6mm—for added protection against nicks and cuts. Simply choose your desired length and attach the guard to the trimmer head.

If you face any other issues or need more trimming tips and advice, feel free to reach out to us (though we certainly can't trim it for you).

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