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6 Great Tips for The Best Shave 'Down There'

Own a Globe™ Trimmer but just too scared to take the plunge for your first trim? No worries, here are some fantastic tips that will take your golden globes to the next level and help you avoid any awkward and painful bathroom mishaps.

1. Always trim with the logo outward

This ensures that the blade is parallel to your skin for the best results and hey, why not take this chance to really showcase your BOVEM Globe Trimmer?

2. Don’t hold the trimmer perpendicular to your body

Holding the trimmer perpendicular to your body, in a stabbing position, is very dangerous and could potentially lead to cuts. Safety first!

3. Move in nice, short strokes 

You never want to move too fast or jerky and it’s also best to avoid pushing the trimmer into your skin forcefully. When it comes to giving yourself a gentle trim, slow and steady always wins the race.

4. Hop into a cold shower first

A cold shower tightens the sack so we recommend hopping in one right before you groom your globes. But if getting wet isn’t your style, our trimmer works perfectly fine with dry trimming too. 

5. Always go slow

Your crown jewels are precious! This is a delicate and sensitive region so it’s best to go slow and pull your skin taut for a smoother glide to avoid any mishaps.

6. Use the guards

It’s always better to be safe than sorry. For extra protection from nicks and cuts, our trimmers come with a trimming guard, allowing for two different lengths — 3mm and 6mm. All you need to do is pick your desired length and attach the guard to the trimmer head. 

If you face any other issues or need more trimming tips and advice, feel free to reach out to us (though we certainly can't trim it for you).

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