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How to Shave Your Pubic Hair (Without Cuts) - The Ultimate Guide

How to Shave Your Pubic Hair (Without Cuts) - The Ultimate Guide

You might be wondering, do men shave their balls?

Well, the answer is yes! A survey done shows that 50.5% of males in the US reported regular pubic hair grooming.

So...How Do I Get Started?

The good news is, whether you want your pubic hair removed entirely, neatly trimmed or even have a unique pattern, you can do it all by yourself.

Three types of shaving for your down there; Bare, Neatly Trimmed, Unique

We would recommend you to invest in a dedicated electric trimmer instead of a razor, as grooming with a razor may bring about higher chances of injuries such as ingrown hair, razor bumps and sometimes even cuts on your skin.

Before you get started, remember to sanitise and wash your tools. You wouldn't want to risk an infection in your private regions.

Here are 4 easy steps to shave your pubic hair without cuts:

  1. Hop in a shower
  2. Picking the right tools
  3. Trim the bush
  4. Go Bare (if you want to)

1. Hopping in a Shower

Man drying himself after a shower

Hopping into a shower can help to tighten the sack and soften the hair follicles, making it much easier (and safer) to cut the hair.

2. Pick the Right Tools

If you haven’t groomed in awhile, and the hair below is thick and clustered, we’d recommend going for an electric trimmer specially designed for the groin. Using a trimmer can help to safely trim the hair without pulling and tugging. 

3. Trim the Bush 

BOVEM's Globe Trimmer 2.0 Shaving Balls

With an electric trimmer, place the blade parallel to your skin and lightly glide it across your skin to remove your pubic hair. You can use your other hand to pull your skin taut and tight as you shave. This will greatly reduce the risk of nicks and cuts on your skin.

If it’s your first time trimming, you can start out with trimming guards and slowly work your way down to a bare shave.

4. Going Bare (Optional)

However, some men would want to be completely bare down there. Here are some additional steps you can take to achieve that look. 

After trimming your bush down to a “barely-there” stubble with a trimmer, you can start by applying some skin-friendly shave product to your nether regions. Ensure that you steer clear of products containing "cooling" or minty ingredients and we recommend gentler ingredients which create a clear lather which makes it easier to navigate the shaving mission.

Slightly pull the scrotal skin taut and tight, stretching the surface of your skin to reduce the chances of injury. With a razor, place the blade parallel to your skin and gently glide it across your skin in the direction of hair growth in short strokes. 

To sum it up...

Shave Pubic Hair On Balls In 4 Steps; 1. Hop In The Shower; 2. Picking the right tools; 3. Trim The Bush; 4. Go bare (optional)

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